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Yes right, here is location of Jimbaran grilled seafood restaurant (BBQ). They have experience more than 20 years in serving and interacting with guest from multi nations with different taste of spicy. So they know well how to create and handle the taste of spicy for you. No doubt for you to try the `characteristic of Jimbaran grilled fish. They provide 3 level of balinese spicy that meet your taste. Your waiter and waitress will ask you before your chefs grill. The question is like this: do you want spicy, medium spicy or no spicy? All the restaurants along Jimbaran beach (there are more than 30 restaurants) special serve grilled seafood. They also have the characteristic of all seats and tables on the beach. That’s why this place is also known as a “beachfront restaurant”. We also provide package of menu for group.

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