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Here is some nicknames for Jimbaran Bay Seafood. Let’s discuss one by one the terms that are often pinned for restaurants in Jimbaran.


There are unique and different from Jimbaran Beach at night. Candlelight is the only thing lighting Jimbaran Bay Beach. You will see a unique view along the bay of Jimbaran where along the coast of 1.5 km away being decorated by the candlelight that light up your dinner. Many tourists come here to enjoy beachside dinners in the night atmosphere being accompanied by the waves. You sit on the beachside at night by candlelight as well as will be dine by candlelight. It will make your dinner more romantic.


Jimbaran Bay Seafood Club is often referred to as “a beachside restaurant”. Why is it called a beachside restaurant? Because your table is arranged directly on the beach and you also eat and sit on the beach. Similarly, people call Jimbaran Bay Seafood Club as “a beachfront restaurant” because all the restaurants here are located on the beach front.

In addition, Jimbaran Bay Seafood Club is also referred to as “a Bayfront Restaurant”. This is because all restaurants here are situated right in front of bay of Jimbaran.

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