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What is exactly Jimbaran Seafood, where its location and how is Jimbaran’s seafood history formed to be as famous as it is today..

Jimbaran seafood Dine is a place where people enjoy a sensation of eating grilled seafood on the beachside of Jimbaran. This place is called as “jimbaran seafood” because all the seafood here the catch of local fisherman. It is these fisherman who support and supply all seafood needs from the restaurant business along the Jimbaran coast. Jimbaran is the name of place in Bali which is located in a bay called Jimbaran Bay, precisely in the village of Kedonganan. Whereas Kedonganan itself is the name of fishing village where their livelihood is said to be fishing around the Jimbaran Bay. Jimbaran Bay is part of South Kuta and the distance is not far from Kuta Beach only 15-25 minutes from Kuta Beach by car. Seafoods catches by local fisherman include fish, sea prawn, king sea prawn, crab, lobster, shrimp, clam, calamari, squid calamari, jumbo prawn, red snapper, garupa, white snapper, king fish, baronang, etc. The picture and videos below are a collection of seafood types and fishing boats from a group of fisherman in Kedonganan village, Jimbaran which is original evidence of historical traces that are still well preserved until now although Jimbaran has now become a modern city because it is already covered by many star hotels, villas, supermarkets, mini markets and modern restaurants surroundings. From here the term of Jimbaran Seafood Dine originates. It began about more than 30 years ago when tourists walked along and enjoyed Jimbaran Beach, stopping by and taking a break to buy fish to be grilled by local fisherman to eat, then as the era grew, it become a very famous icon and culinary business in Bali. Jimbaran has been transformed and changed its face to become a modern and prestigious restaurant business place in Bali. There are dozens of modern traditional restaurants along the coast of Jimbaran now called JIMBARAN SEAFOOD DINE.

Jimbaran Seafood Dine
Jimbaran Seafood Dine

Note: If you want to dine here, you need to book a table to secure your place before coming because they are often full in the high season. The restaurant we recommend to you “Jimbaran Bay Seafood Club”

Untuk membaca dalan bahasa indonesia silakan click di dini “MAKAN MALAM DI JIMBARAN SEAFOOD”

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